We provide powerful, flexible and sustainable ICT solutions and services

Robust ICT Solutions specializes in providing information and communication technology solutions and services with focus on harnessing the power and flexibility of   open source software to provide customizable ICT infrastructure monitoring, automation and security solutions.

Scalable, flexible, powerful and sustainable IT infrastructure  monitoring  solutions at affordable prices. Get custom dashboards for engineers and system administrators, supervisors, managers and others. 
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We provide remote troubleshooting  services for networks, systems, servers, applications, services and more. Visit our website on the bio for more services and solutions.
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We also provide ICT services including consultancy, infrastructure and network design, operations, upgrades, optimization, management and training.

Monitoring Solutions

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We provide solutions and services for IT Infrastructure, Networks, Systems, Servers, Virtual Machines, Clouds, Databases, Services, IoT and Applications Monitoring. Our primary solutions are mainly derived from utilizing the power of free and open source software, the heart of many industry leading software solutions to achieve sustainable yet powerful solutions. We have experience in setting up and customizing a variety of open source software to fit your unique monitoring requirements.

ICT Security

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We provide security solutions and services for Networks, Systems, Servers, Databases, Services, IoT and Applications. If you are on budget or you want flexibility in securing your infrastructure, we have the right tools for you at affordable labor costs. We have experience in auditing and securing ICT infrastructures, networks, servers, virtual machines, IoT, databases and services.
We have broad practical experience in handling security from your internet access to your private network.

IT Automation

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We provide solutions and services for IT Infrastructure, Networks, Systems, Services, IoT and Applications Automation. We can help you run a resilient IT infrastructure by setting up and optimizing tools, mostly open source, training your team and provide ongoing support in automating processes and troubleshooting.

ICT Services

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We provide full stack services for Networks, Systems, Services, IoT and Applications. We are available for consultancy, network and server troubleshooting, design, upgrade, optimization and management.

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